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Saturday, 10 December 2016

e-Spiritualtalks - 14 [Managing Anger - The Deadliest Feel Within]

Managing Anger - The Deadliest Feel Within

One of the ways of empowering oneself is to control the inner feelings. The feelings inside us are of different types; sadness, happiness, excitement, anger and many more. Broadly, we can say that these feelings are either of good types or bad types. We call something as bad feeling when, after you outburst such feelings, you can cause harm to someone surrounding you (physically or emotionally hurt someone) or something around you (may be breaking a glass, throwing away everything kept on shelf etc.) or even to yourself (shouting aloud, injuring yourself etc.). Anger is one such bad kind of feeling as far as the consequences of anger are concerned. So, how to control these feelings and manage them effectively so that one can be constructive rather than destructive in nature.

While going through some videos on YouTube, I found a really listenable video by Noah Elkrief where he is teaching how to manage anger. Below is that video you can watch with patience! Without wasting your time, just go to the link below and listen this 1 hour yet very effective video of managing anger.

He is describing some of the realistic ways of dealing with anger by letting you know what anger is, making you understand why you get angry and then giving you all the practical solutions on how to fight against anger.