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Saturday, 8 February 2014

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Hah! After a long break, I could finally come back to e-Spiritual Talks again. This time I am interested in talking about emotions, heart and mind. All three are important parts of our internal driving force that leads us to perform actions. A balance of all three is an integral thing to happen a right action in our lives. Emotions play an extremely miraculous job among the three. Emotion is most of the time kept hidden inside us but it ultimately makes us directive towards the goals. It is only when imbalance of emotions occur that we come to know how emotional sense plays a big role in our life. Truly, it's all about mind, heart and emotions that can have a big influence on the body health. 

We are aware of the thing that emotional disturbances are linked with mental incapability and if severe, can cause disorders and illnesses. Depression, low self esteem, sense of feeling low, nervousness and all other forms are some or the other way connected with emotions. Now, in this scenario, controlling the emotions is like the sense of fighting with the odds. In talking about emotions, everything is internal. But this internal emotion leads to thinking, and acting when heart and mind also come into picture. Emotions are equally driven by heart, mind and/or both. Inability to control the emotions by heart or mind can lead to psychological health problem. Emotional level disturbances can be the reasons of psychological illness and hence need to be healed. 

Emotional healing techniques are available that can be of great help in case the person is suffering from emotional disturbances. A healed emotion is nothing but refreshing the thoughts and mind. It inculcates the desire to live life again with the same zeal that you were in, before encountering the bad emotions. Online resources are available that can help finding your lost emotion and/or replenish it. Meditation is a best way to get emotional healing.

Talked enough, now it's the time to share a resource from the web. I was searching for emotion and related stuff when I found an audio on the You Tube. It's a brainwave audio which helps in healing the emotional imbalance. This is a 10 minutes audio by Listening to this audio on a regular basis while relaxing and closing eyes can help a lot. If you are not aware of what brainwave sounds are, you can refer the previous post to know. Brainwave entrainment can help in healing the emotions  that lead to stress and under performance. 

"Quick Emotional Balance" brainwave audio really works wonder. This is a short audio that would help replenishing the tired mind and eyes quickly. Regularly listening to the audio can work wonder. Do listen to this audio in a relaxed environment and yes, close your eyes. Listen to it carefully, it's just a 10 minutes audio and would not take much of your time. It is great for meditation and soothes the mind.

Below is the audio from

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