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Sunday, 9 February 2014

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When we talk about happiness, we need to understand the extent of happiness and the deep meaning of happiness. I feel happiness means different to different people. To the ambitious youth, inner happiness can be achieving the career goals.

In this e-spiritual talk, I want to discuss with you about the importance of happiness in life and how it affects our lives. We derive happiness from within ourselves and from the outside world. Inner and outer happiness varies. An inner peace may come with peace of mind, stable mind and controlled feelings. Accomplishing goals can help in driving outer happiness. A balance of inner and outer happiness is always required.

Outer Happiness

One may be looking towards happiness for a short period of time or it may be long life happiness to someone. For some people, wealth drives happiness and they want to grow richer than before. Happiness does connect with money. After all, money helps in buying all the things we want and the most basic things of life; cloth, food and water are also bought with money only.

Happiness is associated with your career also. For a businessman, a severe loss in the business will make him or her unhappy that he or she will have no control over it. For a hard working student, happiness comes when he or she scores well in exam. An employee cannot remain happy if he or she has lost his or her job. A salesman will automatically get worried on finding no sales despite of giving all the efforts.

Inner Happiness

You may be happy for a moment and the other moment you may feel sad or you may be just neutral. Imagine you were busy doing your work when suddenly a close friend of yours knocks you at the back with whom you had not been in touch for the last several years. And when you saw his or her face, the happiness that your friend's presence gives you on the very moment is beyond imagination. It is the true and natural happiness. Your facial expression on that moment itself shows the real happiness you experience at that moment.

A nice video can make you smile. A kid you looked at the first time can make you have a sweet and cute smile on your face. Watching a comedy movie can make you laugh. But what inner happiness is that it happens when we achieve results after working hard. And it may be the vice versa that being happy we can work more and become happier.

Find Your Source of Happiness

If you have got confused or have got caught in the daily ups and downs in life, take out few minutes from the busy life and get the life back on the track where you ever wanted to be on. Pull your life track to the right track and start working on your goals. 

Check what your source of happiness is and put all your efforts to achieve it. And after you achieve, throw a party and enjoy. You can share your views on happiness and just comment below on what your sources of happiness are among the following:

·         Money
·         Career
·         Social Status
·         Friends and Family
·         Dance and Music
·         Peace of Mind
·         Helping Others
·         Others

Below is a video by that wonderfully describes how spreading happiness even by a single person can be helpful. And how spreading happiness makes you feel happier in return.

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