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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

e-Spiritualtalk-7[Brainwave Entrainment]

Here's something that might be new to many. It's about brainwave entrainment which is a scientific method of treating the mind. It is a wonderful concept that I thought must be shared in this blog. Those who do not have an idea about what brainwave is can watch the video below. Brain waves are electrical signals in our brain that can be changed in response to an external stimuli and hence our body's response can be changed accordingly.

One just needs to listen to the brainwave audio and it passes the signals to one's mind. There must be a great science behind it. Watch the video below, it is a short introduction about brainwave entrainment from According to this video, every state of mind has a unique electric signal associated with it which is nothing but a pattern of brainwave inside the mind. Using some specialized equipments like EEG, these brainwaves can be measured and analysed. Each and every state of mind in various situations like sleeping, doing some creative work etc. has some unique brainwaves. These brainwaves can be changed using some external stimuli. By changing these brainwaves, we can change the brainwaves pattern and thus the particular state of mind can also be changed. This is something very fascinating and interesting too that one can change the way one feels by listening to the audio. For example, changing the state of mind from dull to focused and sharped can be very helpful. And recreating the state of mind that leads to creativity can be amazing.

So, how it actually works? Let's take an example of a night you are feeling it difficult to sleep. In this situation, what you can do is that you can listen to an audio CD of brainwave entrainment that consists of some encoded frequencies. When these frequencies are heard by your brain, your mind would automatically start getting relaxed by following those frequencies and soon you would have a good sleep. In this way, brainwave entrainment helps the mind to concentrate, relax and focus. This process is nothing but a kind of audio-video stimulation. This scientific technology can be used to treat a number of symptoms related to neurological problems and increase the IQ levels as well. 

To get more detail about brainwave entrainment, you can watch a five minute video below. This video is by David Riklan from According to this video, since brain is made up of muscles, these brain muscles can be trained that can lead one to be more smart, intelligent and a good performer. This can be done by listening to the sound frequencies that make the brain waves compatible to them and hence changing the way brain responds to various situations. David Riklan explains well by giving an example of a tuning fork which would vibrate after getting hit by another. In the similar way, brainwaves are hit by the sound waves and hence the change in the brain occurs. Listen the video about a research study published in a journal about how brainwave entrainment increases IQ.

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