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Tuesday, 9 July 2013



Hi! As I said in my previous post, I would share another e-spiritualtalk which is just sufficient to awake one's soul, heart and mind. It is also a video which would have a powerful effect on one’s mind that one would definitely remember for the whole life. This video is from Influence Persuasion and as far as my experience with this video is concerned, it was really a knocking door for me.

The video is by co-creator of influence persuasion, Mr. Simon Stanley. It is one of the free videos that have been shared on the website as part of FREE TRAINING of Influence Persuasion. In contrast to the previous post about how self-limiting beliefs can be removed from life that are nothing but obstacles in life growth, this post is about influencing others with our words, tones, expressions etc. This post would rather be considered under personality improvement programme as it helps in creating an innovativeness and creativity within us.

There are a number of instances we face in personal life and professional career that we need to influence others. In personal life, for example, son gets influenced by his father by observing his actions. One can influence our friends and relatives too. Similarly, in our professional career, we influence the manager or boss for a particular decision. Influencing the other person is also a skill which is inherited or acquired.

Well, this post talks about the acquired skills of influencing others. It is not only by the eye contact, gesture, facial expression, tone, words used, voice etc. are responsible for influencing others but our inner willingness and determination for influencing others are equally important. If we lose focus and if we are not determined while influencing others, it can affect the outcome we want. Also, the time bound while one is influencing others, is important as during this time duration only one is giving one’s input and this input only would decide the output.

Mr. Simon Stanley, in the video, has wonderfully described in a 17 minute video that how we can use our psychology as well as physiology for meeting our goals by just influencing others. It looks very surprising as how influencing others can help in achieving our life goals.  It is a must watch movie that would surely fill a sense of zeal inside the body. Amazing facts have been shared in the video which are directly related to our mind. Do watch this video where powerful ideas have been revealed that would absolutely change the way one thinks.

Before watching this video, sit in a calm and peaceful environment where one can be relaxed for a while. It is a very powerful video that would create a big impact on the mind.

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