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Tuesday, 9 July 2013



There are plenty of resources available in the world that can be utilized and implemented in the life. e-Spiritualtalks is committed to share all the positivity present in the wide ocean of internet. These talks definitely help in making the life a better place.

In this competitive age, we all are struggling and fighting to meet the goals of life. Stress, tension, distraction and losing focus are some of the common things that can happen at any point of time. These things have a negative impact on our life as well as career. In such situations, recovering back the same energy and sustaining it is required. 

Audio-relaxation exercises are some of the great methods of directing the mind to be calm, focussed and stress-free. The great things about these audio exercises are that one needs not to visit the meditation centre and does not involve any physical exercises even. One can use these methods at the comfort of home.

Here's showing the readers an audio by Christy Whitman. It is not just an audio but a meditation exercise itself which provides great relaxation using visualization techniques. It’s a marvelous audio that would definitely provide inner peace of mind to the listeners. Rather, it includes some focusing exercises that would direct the soul to mind and mind to heart. 

Listen to it carefully in a lonely room where there's no outside noise. Try to concentrate on the audio in a relaxing mood. It involves relaxing music, deep breathing in & out exercise, imagination and visualization technique to increase the focusing capability of mind.

It creates great thoughts and feelings inside the listener about achieving the life goals that one always had dreamt of. The sense of achievement of these goals can be realized with this audio if one follows the words directed in it. This audio should be listened and experienced by anybody who has a goal in his or her life like getting rich, be a great academician, a great sportsperson and so on. It can be anything related to life, career and money.

Just listen the words and follow them focussing the aims in life. One would definitely flow with the words and music in the audio that provide a unique and relaxing experience. It’s nothing but the energy that flows from the words and music to the mind and spirit of the listeners which is actually very powerful. This energy is the reason behind every success and every goal achieved successfully. This energy is nothing but a magnetizing power within us that tends to drive all the good things towards us that we want in our lives.It totally depends upon us how intense we want this magnetizing field to be.

And the whole process works with thinking that flows in the mind changing the present while dreaming about the good future. It is purely based on deep thinking which is not compulsive in nature but a natural flow of our desires and will to fulfil those desires.  

Enjoy this out of the world 13 minute audio from Christy Whitman at below link.

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