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Sunday, 30 June 2013



I am extremely happy and excited to write my first post on my first blog. Yeah! e-spiritualtalks is my very first blog. But I would rather say that I am doubly excited about what I am going to share in my first post on e-spiritualtalks. It's something that fascinated me a lot in just few hours. Before this, I would like to share a bit about e-spiritualtalks. It’s a blog related to spirituality where each and every post would be written to touch the hearts of readers and heal their inner souls by sharing a new spiritual talk from around the world every time. 

There are so many sufferings in life that result in painful and teary eyes. But there are some other people in this world who are trying to help others by healing their sufferings. This blog would bring in forth such spiritual healing activities and share the work done by these wonderful people. I love such things and want to explore more about how these things can be implemented and have a direct impact on life.

You know, we all are busy guys and do not get enough time in our busy schedules to talk about such wonderful things, share observations and experiences around us by expressing our inner feelings. Even a school going child is so busy that one can imagine the life of a professional. This blog is a good platform to talk about holy things related to spirituality which lies within us. So, you must be waiting what that thing is that I am excited to talk about.

So, here I am demystifying that thing which is my own personal experience after watching the video below. It is about Self-limiting beliefs i.e. our own beliefs that limit our growth and about which we are not even aware of. Well, I don't remember how I got to reach the way to this wonderful video while I was surfing the internet but I am glad I have got. Here's that video from Mind Movies.

After watching this video, one would definitely come to know that there are so many things that lie in our own hands which are not being done by us and hence this is the reason behind our slow growth in life and career. We develop some self-limiting beliefs inside us that hinder our personal and professional growths. Identification and rectification of these beliefs are required to progress further in life as well as career. 

The video surprises us about the way we are keeping ourselves backward day by day and hindering our own growth. It also suggests what we can do to eliminate such limiting beliefs. Implementing the solutions and thoughts described in the video would drastically create changes in our lives.It awakens our subconscious mind through visualization exercise to demonstrate what self-limiting beliefs are and how these can be removed.

There’s another such wonderful e-spiritualtalk that I would be sharing in the next post. Charge up your soul by reading the next e-spiritualtalk.

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