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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

e-Spiritualtalk-9[Signs of Spiritual Awakening]

I found a video on You Tube. It is titled as "10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening, I do not know the author who owns this video but was really fascinated by the content. It describes the symptoms and signs of spiritual awakening. What a wonderful and deep sense of touch that has been presented in the video.

It's just marvelous the way the video flows and ends making a mark inside your soul. I have never watched a video like this before and thought of sharing on my blog for it's such a pleasure to identify where we lie in terms of spirituality. Do we have these symptoms of spirituality within us? Do check this by watching the video below.

The video describes 10 major signs that can help depict whether we are spirituality awaken or not. It has used brief words that are sufficient to make one understand the important lesson behind them. The dynamic images used to accompany the words are absolutely wonderful that are themselves self explanatory and flow with the words. Let's discuss some of these signs in more detail.

According to Sign 1 of spiritual awakening, your body would feel restlessness while sleeping. Obvious is the thing that if there's something going on inside our mind, it would affect the patterns of our sleep too. This may be the result that your body is in the state of high energy. According to the video, you need not to worry about it as it is the result of certain changes within you. And body takes time to adjust with the new changes of awakened soul.

According to Sign 3 of spiritual awakening, you would experience different types of emotions without any reason. You may feel emotions like sadness, happiness, loneliness etc. coming from our heart. The video advises not to be strict on these emotions. Let the emotions to arise, acknowledge them and then let them go with love.  

The 4th sign states you may get lost in some past issues of your life. And while thinking about those issues, one may get lost. So, what to do in such a condition? The video further describes that one actually does not get lost due to this as this is good for the soul and suggests to face and deal with these issues. This would help in cleansing the soul deeply.

The 6th sign explains the condition of body as very energetic that it gets the power of 6th sense. All the senses of your body become very sensitive This may be accompanied by some enlightening symptoms like listening to voices, seeing sparkles of light etc. These symptoms are nothing but signals that guide you. One needs not to fear from such conditions and rather should face them boldly.

The 7th sign arises when you start seeing everything around you with love. Your eyes get changed the way they used to see the world before. In this condition, let yourself be loving and compassionate to the maximum extent possible. One should learn to be gentle even during the hard time. This attitude increases with increased awareness. One should keep the feeling and understanding flow with the awareness.        


  1. Great video Mamta, I like it because it tells my story so well which makes me believe that I got here by Divine direction from your FB page. I do have a blog too which I have not contributed to since last August (2013) because I have been working on creating materials that are more on the spiritual side.

    Austin Mac-Anabraba

    1. Thanks Austin!
      I am still in the stage of setting up my blog. Your comment is highly appreciable.
      Keep Reading e-Spiritualtalks!


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