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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

e-Spiritualtalk-10 [Secrets]

The video "11 Useful Tips To Help Use The Secrets" by Steve Lodge is a heart touching short movie sharing the tops ideas that can be used to achieve big things in life. Furthermore, it describes the feeling of togetherness and illustrates how we all are connected with the souls. The video has everything from physical and psychological to spiritual upliftment of human beings. These are the real secrets of life that few people know and very few people use them in their lives. The video enlightens up our soul to get the feel of living in the world which is not just living on the earth only but the whole universal kingdom.

The first tip described in the video is that one should not at all worry as the things in this world look to be real but are actually manipulated and exist in the form of energy. When everything is energy, there's no need to worry as one that diminishes is rather transformed into another form of energy. The next tip emphasizes that one should try to be original as far as possible. It is very important to have one's own originality to live the life fully. The third tip states that one should always be grateful to the people who have helped in the one or the other form in one's life.

Next tip is to be creative in life. Creativity in the work that we do is important and if we use this tip, it can lead to great progress in life. Visualization and imagination come under the next tip suggested in the video that if used in life can help to achieve the visualization too. Visualizing is the first step to achieve something in life which is followed by hard work leading to achievement of goals. Sixth tip puts limit to the desires in life. One should understand the thing that one can not have everything in life. This is a very true fact and what one can experience is the desires and wants but one can not accomplish all of them. But this tip frees up the limitation to achieve a particular goal in life.

Everything is possible in this world and if you face difficulties in life, you can use seventh tip i.e. to use love in what ever you want to do. Take the help of your dear and near ones to overcome the difficulties in life. Eighth tip is to give and take. If we give and contribute something, we would definitely get something in return in some form or the other. A very simple but important tip in the video is to smile. Smile can help overcome difficult times easily. Next tip is to always look into the eyes of the people as eyes are the real mirrors of their souls. Touch is the last and strong tip in the video. Shaking hands are ways to make a good start for relationships in life. Enjoy watching the video below for great tips on how to use secrets of life.

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