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Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Have you ever thought this way that if something bad has happened to you, you might have attracted that to happen in your life? If your answer is "No", then you should watch this five minute video about "Law of Attraction". After watching it, you would probably say to yourself that, "It may be because of my thinking only that a bad thing happened to me". It is called "Law of Attraction". According to this law, things happen to us according to what we had attracted before. If money attracts us, we start earning money.

Just have a look at the video by David Riklan from He has not only explained in brief the way to use the law of attraction for our benefits but also stated how it is controversial in various situations. He describes very well that our subconscious and conscious mind lead to the thoughts that motivate us to achieve particular goals. If you dream about having a car, earning handsome money and getting promotion, you will definitely achieve that as you will be consistently working hard inclining yourself towards your goals. Due to this powerful result orientation, law of attraction is considered to be one of the most powerful laws by the experts.

The law states that there is a three step process to achieve the goals. And this 3 step process is Ask-Believe-Receive. This simplistic process starts with asking yourself what you want in life and then believing within yourself that you have. And the final step is receiving the achievement that you had asked yourself with full gratitude and happiness.

As recommended by experts of law of attraction, you should concentrate yourself on what you want in life rather than what you don't want in life. The "don't" attracts negativity that can affect your life as well as the path to goal achievement. Furthermore, if you are going to think negative, it's obvious that it would result in negative outcome only. By thinking wrong, you are doing nothing but attracting negativity. And hence you would be responsible for the negative outcome in your way. In short, you are responsible for your enemies, for having friends, for a good career or a bad outcome. It is up to you what you want the result to be. To get good outcomes, start thinking positive and attract all the hopes and confidence that would lead you to achieve the goals.

Many of you must have started getting some disagreeable points  after reading this. Here comes the controversial aspects of law of attraction. That any bad thing happened to you does not always mean that you have attracted it. For example, incidents of road accidents, natural disasters etc. do not comply with the law of attraction. Rather I personally feel nobody is even aware of whether it's going to happen. But yes, the law of attraction does apply to many of the life goals that one wants to achieve. Another controversial thing about the law is that if two persons go for a single job having the thinking to get it, only one wins. But it does not mean that one should completely ignore the law of attraction which is so powerful in nature. So, the law has limitations and does not apply to every situation beyond our control but can have big impact on many of aspects to manifest the goals.

The Law of Attraction in Five Minutes or Less from on Vimeo.

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