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Sunday, 26 April 2015

e-Spiritualtalks - 14 [Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole ]

It was in the evening when I was surfing internet and checking the updates from Google Plus Posts that I found a beautiful thumbnail of a scenic beauty of nature with rainbow. My eyes got stuck there and I immediately checked & watched it. And when I was playing the video, I felt too relaxing and charging up at the same time. It was like refreshing me, not a day's work but from several pathetic working days. I thought of sharing the video here as I found it an absolute fit for the blog readers who are keen to find a sigh of relief from their hectic routines.

The video listed below is titled as "Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole". It consists of some beautiful  scenic images of rainbows, nature, trees, mountains and all the greenery of the nature on Earth. Kamakawiwo'Ole was one of the famous Hawaiian performers in Israel who died at the age of 38 from a heart attack in the year 1997. This video illustrates his composition very well in a beautiful way. 

Watching the Nature

I have always loved watching scenery, pics of mountains, adorable trees & plants, sky with a rainbow and all. I am sure you might have been the die heart fan of rainbow when it appears after rainfall. I do believe you must be running to watch rainbow over the sky in your childhood. Watching natural beauty charges up well to perform our work with full energy and spirit. A few minutes video watched about nature would be just enough to bring a soothing smile on your face.

Nature as the Medicine

If you are pissed out from your routine work and want to give yourself a space for deep relaxation, it is great if you can watch such videos that bestow nature. You would definitely receive peace of mind and happiness as well. The music in the video is just fantastic and the images chosen in the video are absolutely stunning. You will come to see a series of pictures of rainbow with sky, with trees, with mountain, with sea, with coast etc. The video is extremely cheerful that would change your mood, for sure. Sometimes, I feel nature is the best medicine, for all the depressive moods and thoughts, that has the ability to strengthen our mind as well as inner soul. It just works like a magic as you might have seen people often go for outing when they get bored and looking for change in life.

The way rainbow appears in the sky, it just sparkles so brightly with varied ranges of seven colors in the blue and white sky. The video is highly motivational enough to uplift your spirit like anything. Do not wait more, just watch the video below and tell us how much did you like it and how does it connect to you.
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