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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Have you ever surrounded by negative people? Have you been discouraged by your immediate surroundings while they are trying hard to make you "Give Up"?

You may be a student being bullied by your immediate classmates or a group of external gang who envy you. You may be an employee who is being caught up in office tactics or you may be a homemaker surrounded by every day "pulling you down" activities done by your neighbours. You may come across people who are making fun of you, doubting your capabilities and trying themselves to be over smart. People may want to interrupt you saying you can not do this or you are incapable of doing that. Whatever the case may be, to push away all the negative you need an internal power. This power comes from your internal strength to fight with the negativity coming on the way. It is required to push away the waves that are pulling you down.

Fighting away the negativity is important for your prosperity in life and to climb up the growth ladder. Otherwise, you may get lost within yourself  or get caught in the harshness of life. To come out at the shore level, you need to swim against the waves. So, how this can be done in real life scenario with so much pulling down power around? Well, you must watch this video from "thewaytohappiness" then. It is not even a 1 minute video but would surely help in pushing you up from the negative waves around you. This is a "Flourish & Prosper" video from this wonderful website that would really touch your soul. It actually creates a way of doing things when you have truly nobody around you to lift you up. This video very well describes the power to tackle with the negative talks surrounding you. It suggests a very easy method i.e. take other's advice, throw that out of window, do whatever you want to do and do what you feel like doing. This video has very well illustrated the simple solution behind the problem in a very influencing way.

To prosper in life, it is important to listen to your heart. You may get so many people in your way who would like to stop you and drag you away from your goals. But you should concentrate on your will power, listen to yourself, believe your strength and should do the work you want to do. Results would definitely be fruitful after hard work. It may happen that you may not succeed at one time, give it another try. Keep on working hard until you feel you can do it and have the will power to do it. Overcoming difficulties is essential to move ahead in life. In a similar way, ignoring the unwanted negative energy is also important. One more thing, in the time when you are surrounded by negative thoughts or come in contact with negative people, you can take the help of your loved and dear ones who would surely help you. You can also pray to God and take inner strength from him.

Just watch this video below and win over the rest.

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